Many Skilled Nursing facilities, Assisted living centers and commercial buildings are dependent on environmental service departments to help keep their facilities and buildings clean and to reduce health care-associated infections. Building owners and Nursing Home administrators are left with two options: an in-house environmental services management team or a contract environmental service company. At Clean Facilities Group, Inc., we highly recommend contacting our qualified team of professionals for cost effective services in housekeeping, laundry & janitorial services.

In-House vs Contract

While it may seem beneficial to have an in-house team, they often come with many shortcomings such as improper training and increased liability. One of the greatest risks of hiring an in-house team of professionals is that there may be a huge risk of complacency. A manager could lose motivation and begin to lack creativity as well as lose the drive to improve quality and service. Lastly, when an in-house environmental service manager retires or is let go, it can be an extremely time-consuming process to hire a replacement.

There is an array of benefits when it comes to contract services companies like Clean Facilities Group, Inc. Contract employees come with proven plans and policies along with new equipment and training. Both corporate support and start-up support is offered as well, along with definite cost savings and quality improvement.

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