Established in 1881, Wellesley, MA is an affluent suburb situated outside Boston, MA. Home to Babson College and Wellesley College, this tight-knit community has become an up-and-coming college town. While education is key in this quiet suburb, this area has also become a desirable location for expanding businesses. When schools and businesses are in need of professional janitorial services, they rely on the team at Clean Facilities Group Inc.

Professional Janitorial Services in Wellesley, MA

At Clean Facilities Group Inc., our team has years of experience providing exceptional commercial cleaning in Wellesley, MA.  While it may be simple to pick up a bottle of disinfectant and wipe up the table, it’s far more beneficial to hire a team of professionals. Our janitorial staff ensures your office or school remains intact year-round. In New England, flu season is unavoidable, and, in the spring, the temperature shift often leads to illness. By having your office thoroughly cleaned every day, we help prevent the spread of germs.

Housekeeping & Laundry Services in Wellesley, MA

In addition to our janitorial services, we also provide professional housekeeping and laundry services in Wellesley. When medical buildings and assisted living care facilities need laundry services, our team is there to get the job done. Our employees have training on the Patient Bill of Rights, Abuse and Neglect of Residents and SDS review.

We’ll gladly take care of the following:

  • Handle soiled linen with gloves
  • Sort linens
  • Load washers and dryers
  • Use proper folding techniques
  • Special handling of personal clothes

It’s important for any business to have a clean facility, whether it’s a medical office, assisted living care, school or bank. As guests, clients, or patients walk into your building, you’ll want to make sure the floors are cleaned, the windows are crystal clear, and furniture is dust-free.

If your company needs housekeeping, laundry or janitorial services in Wellesley, give us a call at 781.894.4828.

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