A suburban city in Middlesex County, Newton MA is a flourishing community containing 13 villages. Situated a few miles from the historical city of Boston, Newton is most noted for its superb educational system, beautiful homes and bustling businesses. In fact, Newton has been recognized as one of the best areas to live in.

When businesses in Newton are in need of professional cleaning services, they contact the team at Clean Facilities Group Inc. All of our employees have been thoroughly trained in every field including laundry services, housekeeping services and janitorial services. We have a keen eye for detail and value customer satisfaction, allowing us to provide swift and thorough cleaning services.

Housekeeping, Laundry & Janitorial Services for Nursing Homes in Newton MA

The Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Centers in Newton value our services because we make patient rights our priority. Each member of our team has been trained on Patient Bill of Rights along with Abuse and Neglect of Residents. We are always cautious when working in Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Centers, helping to ensure patients are in good hands.

Some of our housekeeping services include:

  • Emptying trash
  • Filling dispensers
  • Bed cleaning
  • Wet mop floors
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Dry mop floors

Why You Should Choose Clean Facilities Group Inc.

At Clean Facilities Group Inc. we also assist medical buildings, financial institutions, educational facilities and commercial buildings. Prior to working in these facilities, our team undergoes strict protocols and rigorous training. Our main objective is to provide a safe and healthy atmosphere for students, patients and workers.

If you need housekeeping, laundry or janitorial services in Newton MA, contact Clean Facilities Group Inc. We are available around the clock to provide top-notch services. Give us a call today at 781.894.4828.

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