Located in Middlesex County, Lexington MA is a beautiful location featuring a wide-range of both indoor and outdoor amenities. Between the thriving businesses and well-maintained family-friendly parks, it’s no wonder that Lexington has become one of the most sought after areas to live in Massachusetts.

Clean Facilities Group, Inc. has been assisting business owners with their cleaning needs for years, making us the most dependable company in the area. We offer housekeeping, laundry and janitorial services for several industries and our dynamic staff is available around-the-clock.

Housekeeping, Laundry & Janitorial Services for Nursing Homes in Lexington MA

When putting a loved one in a nursing home, you always want to make sure they are receiving the best care possible. Part of this service includes the cleanliness of the facility and that is where our team steps in. To ensure nursing homes are comfortable and in pristine condition, Clean Facilities Group Inc. offers numerous services such as carpet cleaning, floor burnishing, bathroom cleaning and bed cleaning, along with filling all paper and soap dispensers.

Housekeeping, Laundry & Janitorial Services for Medical Buildings in Lexington MA

The talented staff at Clean Facilities Group Inc. undergoes thorough training to ensure medical buildings are completely sanitary. Our safety measures include the proper use of protective equipment and the handling of blood borne pathogens. We understand that patients, personnel and visitors determine the safety of the facility the second they walk in the building. Because of this, we make sure to clean every inch of your facility.

Janitorial Services for Educational Facilities in Lexington MA

Whether you need your day care center cleaned, pre-school or K-12, Clean Facilities Group Inc. has you covered. We aim to improve students’ concentration and provide them with a relaxing atmosphere. Let our team improve your morale by providing detailed janitorial services to your Lexington school.

Clean Facilities Group Inc. also offers janitorial services to financial and industrial institutions in Lexington. For more information regarding our services, please call us at 781.894.4828.

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