At Clean Facilities Group, Inc. we pride ourselves on building relationships with clients, our attention to detail and affordable prices. When it comes to janitorial services, we use high-quality products and utilize every safety measure to ensure the entire cleaning process goes smoothly.  Since public restroom cleanliness is one of our main priorities, we would like to provide further insight into restroom maintenance.

False – A public restroom must be clean if it smells clean.

Truth – A public restroom may appear clean because the air is masked with cleaning products. However, there can still be bacteria and germs in the restroom if it is not cleaned properly.


False – You can keep a public restroom clean without the use of disinfectants.

Truth – A public restroom may appear clean while using regular cleaning agents, however, a disinfectant must be used in order to kill certain bacteria and microorganisms.


False – If multiple cleaners are used, every germ is removed.

Truth – You could be using the best products on the market but if you aren’t following proper techniques and procedures then using these cleaning products are pointless.



If you want your restroom sufficiently cleaned, contact Clean Facilities Group Inc. We specialize in janitorial services for schools, medical practices, industrial buildings, financial institutions and more. Our team ensures that your restroom remains clean. Give us a call today at 781.894.4828!

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