A majority of people don’t think about where germs are hiding, whether it’s at home, out in public or in the office. While you may consider work your “second home,” you should always consider the amount of germs that are lingering in the workplace.

Copy/Fax Machine

Consider the amount of people that touch the buttons on the fax machine and copier. This machine is actually a breeding ground for germs. If one person is sick and sends out a fax, there’s a good chance that co-workers will fall ill.

Desk Chair & Table

Specifically, during the summer, the chair becomes a breeding ground for bacteria due to sweat seeping into the chair. A professional janitorial company will ensure germs are sufficiently eliminated by using safe cleaning techniques and powerful products.

Office Carpet

Workers shuffling in and out of the door track in dirt, sand, wet grass, grime etc. In some offices, carpets have never been cleaned which can really damage the aesthetics of the office.

Other areas in the office where germs are harbored include:

  • Water Cooler
  • Keyboard
  • Telephone – Even if you are the only one using it
  • Door Handles- Common source of a cold

Hire Clean Facilities Group Inc.

Clean Facilities Group Inc. has been cleaning offices in Massachusetts since 1996. We provide superior janitorial services to educational institutions, industrial buildings, financial offices and more. Our team has been thoroughly trained in all aspects of janitorial services and we always stay up to date on Massachusetts health codes. If you’re looking for quality janitorial services at affordable prices, contact Clean Facilities Group Inc. at 781.894.4828.

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