The lobby is the first opportunity guests have to feel welcomed in your company. If a guest enters the lobby and does not find it aesthetically pleasing, he or she may make an opinion based solely on cleanliness. While lobbies are featured in a variety of sizes, layouts and offer different amenities, they should always be properly maintained to ensure customer satisfaction.

A lobby that appears dirty or outdated can cause some series issues for your business. While employees walk in and out of the lobby every day causing smaller details to fall by the wayside, new guests will notice every minor detail.

If your lobby isn’t attractive, it’s time to create a more inviting space for both your employees and potential clientele.

Thorough Dusting

Dusting should be a task that is completed several times a week, including lamps, tables, end tables and whatever décor is in the lobby. Dust and debris does take a considerable amount of time to build up but it’s best to be proactive. For companies who find guests in the waiting area for an extended period of time, this is especially important.

Window Cleaning

Smudged or dirty windows leave the entrance to the building looking absolutely disgusting. Customers may not even want to enter your building if they are collecting dirt or there are several smudges over every window. Windows affect the atmosphere of the building and when sunlight is blocked off because of dust, the interior of the lobby appears desolate.

Be on the Lookout for Foot Traffic

If the lobby experiences a healthy amount of foot traffic, make sure to scrub those floors. Whether you have carpets, hardwood, tile, stone or linoleum, floors should always undergo a deep clean. The floor carries the brunt of soil and grime so you’ll surely need a professional janitorial company to come in and clean the floors multiple times a week.

Choose Clean Facilities Group, Inc.

Clean Facilities Group, Inc. is the leader in fast, proficient and affordable housekeeping, laundry and janitorial services. Our staff has been thoroughly trained when it comes to all aspects of janitorial services and we follow all rules and regulations to ensure your facility remains clean and safe.

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