While the terms janitor and custodian are used interchangeably, there are actually several core differences. It’s very common to confuse the two as they are quite similar to one another.

The Role of the Custodian

Also referred to as day porters, custodians often perform for businesses and perform day-to-day tasks. Custodians typically repair internal issues within the office building. They also repair office complications. A custodian is typically hired for a long-term purpose and has plenty of access to offices and storage rooms.

The Role of the Janitor

Janitors are just as in-demand as custodians but the services are a bit different. Janitors typically do not provide office repairs, rather, they offer daily cleaning services for educational institutes, offices, medical buildings and more. Janitors are commonly found disposing of the trash, cleaning windows, restocking bathroom supplies, mopping the floors, etc.

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Clean Facilities Group, Inc. offers professional housekeeping and laundry services for nursing homes and assisted living centers as well as professional janitorial services for commercial industries, educational institutions, and more. Give us a call at 781.894.4828.

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