If your company has outsourced a janitorial team, it’s wise for them to have monthly quality assurance inspections. Why? By undergoing a quality assurance inspection, companies can avoid future mistakes or defects in work. In addition to this, quality assurance prevents companies from making mistakes the first time.

Some advantages of quality assurance include:

  • Improves employee motivation; workers are being recognized for their work and take ownership in their tasks
  • Eliminates micro-management between workers and employees
  • Businesses can gain a consistent level of quality

If your employees do not meet or exceed expectations, customers may seek out the competition. Through the quality assurance process, businesses can deliver consistent results. It’s quite crucial for employees to have a thorough understanding of the company’s quality standards.

Cleaning companies have many protocols and understanding these is important for employees to fulfill their duties. For instance, a cleaning service could have a standard that all mirrors and windows must be smudge free. All employees must be aware of this in order for the company to gain success.

When an employee’s quality comes up short, managers should act quickly to change the employee’s work habits and enhance the quality of service.

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