clean desk with plantThe paint color, office décor, furniture, and layout are all major influencers when it comes to the overall atmosphere of the office, but have you ever factored in the smell? Many business owners aim to keep their office in pristine condition but if the office is gorgeous and the scent is making employees uncomfortable, this could seriously affect company morale. The professional commercial cleaners at Clean Facilities Group Inc. will discuss everything you need to know to keep your office smelling fresh.

  1. Empty Garbage Bins Daily

It’s impossible to avoid using the garbage bins at work but don’t let it overflow. While this may come as a surprise, forgetting to empty the trash bins is not uncommon.

  1. Hot Water Extract Carpets

There could be a multitude of foul odors coming from your carpets due to spills and stains that have not been properly cleaned. In order to fully remove the bad odors, a pre-spray must be applied to the entire carpet followed by a complete hot water extraction to remove the soil and odor.

  1. Keep Sponges Out of the Sink

The breakroom is used often and when employees scrub their dishes, they have a tendency to leave the sponge in the sink which can leave an awful odor. Purchase a sponge holder to keep things sanitary.

  1. Stick with Mild Scents

Avoid using scents that are overpowering or you could be making the office smell a lot worse. Try making your own essential oils by using scents like lemon, vanilla, lavender or orange.

  1. Get an Office Plant

Believe it or not, office plants purify the air and they can improve the overall mood of the office. Don’t overdo it by purchasing bouquets of flowers but make sure to get an English ivy, Areca Palm, Lady Palm or Bamboo Pal.

Contact Our Commercial Cleaners to Have Your Office Smelling Fresh

At Clean Facilities Group Inc., we have been providing a variety of offices in Massachusetts with exceptional janitorial services. Although you can follow the steps above, your office is guaranteed to smell fresh when you hire a professional janitorial team. We use the best products available and thoroughly train our cleaners, so you can focus on work. Let us handle the cleaning to ensure your office remains in top-quality condition.